13. Sep, 2022

Answering a question

www.silverfire.website is this site' s official name,
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27. Aug, 2022


From the prose CLOUDS. Clouds of approaching worries but ever the HOPE and PROMISE OF god's TOMORROW.
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20. Apr, 2022

2022 expectancy

April 2022 finds me recovering from an operation but with an expectancy of full recovery and the publication of my memoir book SHAFTS of GOLD which I am hopi...
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22. Mar, 2022

1st Blog from this website

Today I visited again this site that I began with joy because it reminded me of my early Christian experiences of God's inspiration.
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7. Jan, 2022


Does this go like other Blog Posts to WWW or publish just to the site
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5. Jan, 2022

Silver Fire

A new journey of discovery
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12. Oct, 2021

Sparks of Creativity - Like Fire

12th October 2021.
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30. Sep, 2021

2021 Beginning Again

This post from Silver fire is an experiment in trying to ascertain exactly what I can do creatively.
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