Amid the rush there are moments of beauty

                        Christmas Season comes! It brings bustle, glitter and 


                    Materialistic society fuels one long, mad rush and tear.

                    Christmas is shouted as Santa, Tinsel and ‘lights’ on 


                                         and front doors,,,,,,,,,,

                                NOW, shining inside…. on branches of a green                       

                                                 Christmas Tree.


                            This façade of Christmas is empty and bare, 

                            If His Presence and LOVE, does not abide with us there

                            Christmas becomes just a Season, unless we                                                                   acknowledge it all began with a STAR,

                                                A long-ago journey,

                                                   and the birth of a boy-child. 

                                        Christmas is the remembrance of HIS birthday. 

                   If that Child had not brought Comfort, Hope and Deliverance                               to countless mullions of people world-wide as LIVING                                                            SAVIOUR and Lord,

                   No one would care or remember at ALL. We could party forever in a SEASON OF JOY!



                    But, for the millions who LOVE HIM Let’s lift our hearts with                                              thanksgiving and praise. 

                        DIVINE LOVE came to this Earth and that’s why we say.

                                                Happy Christmas! 2020 

                            Amid a difficult year, His Presence has never left us

                                       LOVE CAME DOWN WHEN CHRIST WAS BORN.

                              All human souls can now journey with Him eternally. 

                         That’s why we celebrate with 

                                    JOY …..HOPE….. Peace and all the LIGHTS 


                             Perhaps this will lessen the darkness of a sin-sick


                           Thank You Holy Father for giving us a Precious Sacred                                              Gift. 


unto us a saviour is born. ACCEPT.........repent.....FOLLOW ETERNAQLLY>