200 years...........but............ What should our future look like?



                         It's time!  It's time NOW, Can't they see?

                        Amid all the man-made preoparations, fetes, displays,

                                             parades -

                         It is time NOW........

                                              Time for



                          Beautiful country, powerful Nation

                     Exalted man's achievements on each and every hand.

                     But, as surely as the seas roll over into shore,

                 The proclamation time is here......a voice like ne'er before,

                 'It's time!   Its's time!     Now ALL must come to see,

                              It's time NOW.........Time for ME!'


                   A 'Christian'  Country - to call it such is but a farce.

                             The time has come to proclaim the future.

                             Gone 200 years sealed in Grace

                          What's gone is gone,but it IS the past .......

                     There's time for pride and tIme for praise but...

                                     hopelss is the future -

               Unless THE CHRIST in all our so named 'Christian' heritage,

                              To His Rightful Place is raised.


               Black and white and every skin shade in-between,

               Children ALL of God, Creator Lord of every colour, race and


                Jesus came to bring Salvation for ALL - to redeem their souls


                 200 years of colonization ....the time has come to speak it out

                                            Proclaim it loudly.

                 Bring them back, To bring them back to Him again.


                 It's time!    It's time O can't you see?

                  The time is                         N O W.

                  It's time! ...........for ME!


                   The sands of time are shifting,

                   Seas of life roll on......

                   Times for complacency 'she'll be all right, mate!'

                    These are now long gone.

                     For, ugly head of evil with reaching tentacles - vast and wide

                       Is gripping fast this country on each and every side.

                       The true Headship of this land must be proclaimed.

                        JESUS CHRIST AS KING.

                       Or, someone, thing, rising in ascendency, some other sneaky,                         

                          hidden, not of 'light'

                          Some other authority - other all consuming,unholy power

                                  will sweep and claim and overwhelm,

                          Taking dominion over E V E R Y T H I N G.


                           Oh yes, it is time.   It's time to call for freedom.

                            Time for Christ.

                             Let's take a stand.....

                              It's our Nation's Bi-Centenary,

                              But, is JESUS the Centre of our Christian heritage?

                               Is He truly KING across this land?


                                Hear the wind now blowing.

                                 Listen! Listn! can you hear the cry?

                                  It's time!   It's Time for ME,

                                  Too late now for compromises,

                                    Too late now for lukewarm hearts -

                                   The canker worm of inner decadence

                                       is tearing this whole land apart!..

                                    I am CHRIST and I AM LORD.

                                     So few voices raised to this proclaim.

                                           Oh the pain and grieving in this sigh..........

                                      Voice on wind intensified..........

                                               'why I ask?   O Why?



                                     I DIED to set them all F R E E.