I need to say I'm Sorry!

                  I’m Sorry I’m sorry, so sorry for the way I’ve acted today,

                                             I’m sorry,’

                Just two little words, Sometimes very hard to say.

                         Pride purses lips and binds up vocal cords,

            It stills our conscience, often robs our mouth of words.

            Yet of all the words the human mouth can express,

            No other two words can effectively Right a wrong or

                                        straighten out a mess.


               To a friend we’ve hurt it could mean a new beginning,

                                Instead of a relationship at an end.

                      To our Father in Heaven - A rift of our own making,

                                        it could in moments, mend.

                          ‘Father I’m sorry for my actions through this day,

                                  My anything but Christ-like conduct –

                                        Father please forgive me now, I pray.’

                         I’m sorry’ said and meant sincerely can our whole life

                                         recommence anew. 

                          Two simple words but Oh what power to humble pride,

                                         Cleanse our hearts.

                                     Enrich our whole life through.


              Greatest Gift

                   from His


                     ON high.

                               Is Promised to all whose heart's cry is sincere...

                                                ALL SINS FORGIVEN

                                          It's the Reason for His Sacrifice.

                                            It's the REASON HE came, 

                     The sacrificial Lamb of God.

                                                  DIVINE LOVE brought Him here.

                                                             to DIE.

                           Lord help us all to forgive others as you have promised to

                                                            FORGIVE US.