Storm tossed on the seas of life.

                                                     My Anchor

I’m sometimes like a little boat bobbing on the sea,

                      Winds and currents of life so often batter me,

                     At times I feel, I’m drifting to the rocks black and angry

                                            – far from shore –


                      An Anchor pulls me back again and holds me fast once more.

                      The chain that joins me to this anchor,

                                          Is comprised of links as strong as steel.

                      These links are gifts of God’s own Spirit

                                       They overrule my human frailties,

                              Heightening my joy for living  -

                          Giving richness to strong human emotions I feel.

                These interlocking chain links of ‘Faith’ and ‘Hope” and ‘Love’

                                 firmly bind me to this anchor, that,,,,,

                  Whether seas be rough or calm, I have a solid support which  

                                               keeps me safe from harm.

                                      My anchor is indestructible, stable, -

                                         Stronger than any steel wrought rod,-

                                      In Jesus Christ, my Saviour Redeemer                                                             

                                             I’m welded forever to this ANCHOR.

                                                 . My anchor is

                                                     MY GOD

Anchored Life on a solid foundation.