Clouds beauty but also threatening



                                              Gathering storm clouds,

                                                                   times of trouble...

                                               Clouds of anguish and self-doubt

                                    have tried to block my life’s path In Woolly confusion.

                                    They’ve almost shut God out.

                                                                    But thank You My Father

                                            Like the wind that chases the storm clouds away,

                                              In prayer my view is slowly clearing,

                                           Though tearful...... concern drifts away.

                                                Once again I have come to this moment.

                                             I realize as before, that complete giving to You

                                               Of  burdens,

                                                Is the only way to unlock the door,

                                                                                 To free my spirit.

                                                  Only complete TRUST  makes my vision


                                                Although still wispy those problems clouds

                                                                              before me,.

                                                I now KNOW I will see them through.



 Praise the Lord!