He’s My Lord, My God

I have seen the mountains in majestic, craggy clothes of velvet blackness.

I have seen violence when the ocean waves come pounding, lifting, rising, foaming, crashing into shore –

I have held a new-born baby, touched a rose wet with morning dew.

             I have sensed God in many facets of my living but KNEW

                                 there was something more.

              For God out there was God to worship.

              God out there was God to praise,

              God out there was God to turn to, to look up to.

                         God in Heaven for my eyes to raise.

              But Jesus promised when He left us, we would never be alone,

               God joined Himself to His children, His Holy Spirit makes our

                                    relationship personaL.

               He’s my Lord, He’s my God – He’s my very own.

                He is joined to me – No longer God apart – His Spirit fills my life,

                                  He’s in my living like the beating of my heart.

                And, He will stay forever if I let Him, If I walk according to His Will,

                 THEN, all the needing, aching, searching, empty voids of my

                human existence.

                 By His Blessed Holy Spirit, He will gently fill.

                  He is My Lord, He is My God And I can with my ‘whole’ person

                                        come to worship in a way not ever felt before.

                 My Lord, My God, My Father in Heaven. His Blessed Son who

died on the cross to set us free.

                     ‘ Follow me’ he said. ‘I’ll lead the WAY.

                 Now, God the Holy Spirit will empower, enrich and strengthen my

living, day by learning day.

                    To You Blessed

God of Trinity, I offer my thanks and prayer of adoration.