A New Day - Something beautiful


                I see something beautiful, O Lord to You I give the praise.

                 I see a tree branch latticed with cobwebbed dewdrops

                        sparkling like diamonds in the early morning haze.

                  I see a pond serene and calm not a ripple mars its peace,

                  There’s a mystery about its placid depths

                                          I wonder what lies beneath

                                          Something beautiful

                            Something beautiful A nest of baby birds

                                          mouths all opened wide,

                   Parent birds with wings a’fluttering Forage for food

                       Those worms and grubs had better quickly hide.

                                       Something beautiful

                             Something beautiful A smile from a friend

                                             who really cares.     


                     Courage and joy on the face of the crippled child                        

                                         who has achieved a goal,

                                      In spite of those unkind stares.

                                              Something beautiful

                    Something beautiful when someone whose life

                     swamped by problems and black despair, is smote,

                Emerges from the tunnel of his own life’s emptiness

                                      - aglow with a new vitality.-

                                           He’s found his God.

                                     His life has a new ingredient.

                                  God’s wonderful blessing ‘Hope’

                                            Something beautiful....

                              Something beautiful is always there

                                     if we’d open our eyes and look.

                         We hear too much of the seamy and the grim

                               Too much of the blackness and pain.

                          Let’s make our search for ‘something beautiful’

                                        in this life God has given,

                             our reason for being, Our purpose for living,

                                                               our aim.

                         Somethings beautiful will come like showers

                                       of blessings,  from God above

                              They will be lights on the pathway from Him

                                       though the journey at times

                             may grow dim. A symbol of - Grace and abiding Love.

                                           Something Beautiful