WHICH WAY DO I GO? Please Lord Guide and Lead.

Cross Roads

       From birth until we go to Him, The path is never straight.

       We many times will wander off And struggle to return.

       We’ll find the obstacles that block our tracks...

        Are often experiences. by which we learn.

         It is of crossroads I now think,

         The times when the way is clear.

         We have the freedom to choose,

          ‘Do we go straight on or turn off over here?’

           ‘It surely won’t matter if I cheat this time

                         or lie to save my pride,

           I’ll just forget I did it. No one will know the guilt I hide.’ ‘

           I’ll hate my neighbour just for a while, I’ll not try to see his side,

           Surely it won’t matter this once - I’m only human after all – aren’t I?’

            ‘Surely it’s not dishonest to cheat a little on my tax,

             Such a tiny lie to my friend just now.

              Oh He wouldn’t care about that!!’

              A little spite, a pinch of anger, a little jealous rage,

              Some disloyalty to a friend.

              Some cheating on my mate,

              How quickly a potpourri of anti-Christlike behaviour,

               In so short a time I’ve made.

                All these things were crossroads,

               Where I had a choice to make,

               I even debated with myself the issue

                           of which road I aught to take.

               It seems to me what’s needed is

                                                greater hesitancy in all we do.

              So before we reach our crossroads,

              We’ve had a chance to think AND pray, 

                                   it clearly through.

              I know I’ll be meeting crossroads every day

                                        for the rest of my life.


                 Lord keep me aware of their dangers,

                 Help me start each day with a prayer.

                 ‘Father help me think before I come to my crossroads.

                   And please God when I reach them,

                   Remind me of Your Holy Presence there’

                   Help me to make a Holy and Righteous choice. A-Men