Life is full of needles and pins,

                 Some hurts that pierce like swords,

                 Unkind words and moments of anger,

                 Dissent, and hatred and spite.

                 But, the Father has promised to cushion these pricks

                  If we’d only surrender - to Him- our fight.

                 ‘Father I feel hurt today, my feelings, my pride my all – Please listen while I talk it out. You’ve promised to heed my call. Father - so and so said this and that. And I feel blazing mad. I’d like to smash in bits the wall, But inside ... I’m truly sad. O hear me out – I need to talk, And I know I can trust You.’.

                  Suddenly, Praise God it’s gone!

                 And in it’s place now PEACE.

                 I took the problem where it aught to go,

                Calmness now fills my soul,

                 I feel sorry now for the hurtful ones,

                 Who do not know God’s Love.

                 For the burdens they carry are theirs alone,

                 They cannot send them above.

                  ‘Father you know who I mean. Please bless them just like me. For I have found my peace at last. You’ve set my spirit free

                                                            Thank You.

Peace - a Moment


A Moment of Peace

        Father, I thank You for this moment of peace,

        A break in a day so demanding.

        A moment of peace to just stop and be near You.

        To sit with Your Word and through it to hear You.

         Thank You O lord for this moment of Peace.

         It’s like balm on my spirit so tired.

         This moment of peace to enrich and revive

                                          A break in my day.

          I feel fully alive! 

         All because of this moment of peace.

                                           A moment of peace –

         I’m aware in my spirit of the wonders in life that surround me.

         From my heart I give thanks for Your bounteous Love

         And the fullness you’ve given my life.

          Praise God, I’m aware of Your Presence.

          You’re as near as this pen in my hand.

          I feel joy and a lift in my spirit –

                                Thank God for this moment of peace.