Where do I See My God?

My young daughter once climbed on my lap and said, ‘You tell us about God and how much He loves us but if you can’t see Him how do you know He’s really there?’ Alone on a beach the answer came to me in this way as an inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

                                   WHERE DO I SEE MY GOD?

       I see my God in the early morning when the hills are tinged with gold.            The almost indescribable beauty of a brand new day unfolds.

         Green fields, green trees Grass wet with morning dew,

         The fresh, clean smell of a summer morn – And warmth that flows right through. ***

         I see my God in the faces of children at silent prayer, In the radiance

of their childlike faith. I’m aware of His Presence there.

           I see Him in the miracle of a newborn child at his mother’s breast –

Joy and wonder in her eyes, Communicates to all – Everyone around is


             In a grief-torn house, faces ravaged by sorrow and care, Suddenly

find His Peace and Strength.

             Divine Love has found them even there. ***

            In love, compassion and kindness, When people show they care for the sorrow and trials of others – My God is always there. He shines from the eyes of a brother, who really feels for the needs of his friend. Where people truly love one another – His Blessings simply never end. I see my God in the struggle of a little bush rose to bloom, Where choking weeds and nettles have barely given it room –

             It struggles against impossible odds for its face to reach the sun. When it succeeds its sheer beauty Shows Glory to everyone ***

            I’ve sometimes felt like that myself, trying to find my God – More prickles and setbacks than sunshine, But the urge to keep striving lives on –        

            I pray Lord than when I reach my goal, the face that is turned upward to Him. Will be just like that little bush rose, Alight with joy to make other folks think. ****

           Where is My God? He’s out there in the Spirit within the reach of all.

      In every facet of living He is within everyone’s Call. Christ came that we might accept and follow. What a better place this world would be If each person could spare one minute to simply pray. Oh Lord my life is such an empty void........... Please send Your Spirit to fill it.

                             In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Lord. a-men.


 Long, thin, tentacle arms of green grass are waving,

A’top the sand-dune of whitest sand.

This sentinal guard on a beach quite deserted.

Makes me marvel at the miracle touch of the Master’s Hand.

A view so perfect mere man could never even dream,

I feel an intruder to disrupt the placidity of this unspoilt scene.

The Presence of the Almighty is surely more clearly felt when the disruptions of human conflict are away from the scene we view.

There’s a special strength to His Presence, When It’s His Spirit, and nature

and you.

Thank You Father for this beautiful day. Thank You for the beauty I see, And thank You for my new awareness of Your Presence - Your Spirit - constantly a part of me.’


.Tempest and Peace

           There’s a wildness in the wind tonight,

             As the foam-flecked waves,come crashing to the shore,

             In the shifting of the restless sands,

             I feel His Presence in a way not felt before.

           In all the fury of this blackest night,

           Though wild and wet and rife with sound,

            There is also indescribable beauty,

             If we’d look beyond our senses –  

                     Forget self –

                    Simply look around!

               In all the darkness, black and forbidding,

             The small bright light of the lighthouse gleams,

              Piercing the infinite curtain of gloom as the bright hope of safety

              and shelter.

              All that observe it must solace find.

              In the thought that by its beckoning comfort.

              Their journey will not continue blind.

               For their eyes will see the beacon’s light. A constant never

                                changing guide.

                It' will help them weather every fight.

                We know because we’ve seen before,

                That peace will come to this windblown shore.

                 Quiet seas and sunsoaked beaches will return.

                 Forgotten soon this black and angry night.

                 We’ll rejoice again in the beauty of tranquil nature.

                 As the darkness is transformed again by morning’s penetrating




               When the crashing seas of life beat down on us like the sand on

                that tortured beach.

                 Our faith should be our beacon light and He Christ ,

                 should be our Guide.

                 So that in our hearts we’d always know,

                 That as the peace of nature follows the tempest storm.

                  His peace will return to our troubled souls, As surely as the

                  blackness of night heralds the first faint rays of a brand new      


                  Even in ‘death’ the promise of Life ‘Eternal’ Makes a shining light                   out of darkness grim,

                   How could we ever fear the traumas of life’s journey.

                    If our faith is pinned securely and strongly to Christ our Lord,

                    And we are anchored to

                           H  I  M.








There is WILDNESS in the WIND tonight!


.                 In winter wind and summer sun,

                   In stormy seas and millpond calm,

                   Through bleakest hours and days of joy.

                    Only HE remains the same.

                    Friends forsake and mountains tumble,

                    Even the mighty fall from fame.

                    But the Lord in ever constant sameness

                    Is the one true comfort that will remain.

                   He said ‘I will not forsake you’

                   By his words is our true test of faith.

                    His constancy is unchangeable.

                    More steadfast than the castles humankind can make

                     Oh Father make me ever able,

                      to more clearly see,

                      That the blessing of Your constancy

                                          Is a priceless gift to me.

                                          THANK YOU!