Pebbles on the Sand

        How beautiful they are, those pebbles on the sand,

      Perfect in symmetry, exquisite in design,

      Their smoothness - almost satiny-

       Their individual perfection so very refined.

             To each of us our God has given the same individual mould.

       Like pebbles we are alike in human form,

       But so different in the ‘oneness’ of our souls

  Only He really knows what goes on

                                               beneath our outer shell.

           Only He can probe the depths,

For He knows us very well.

        Like pebbles on a windswept beach,

         Some of us through storms of life will surface show,

          pitted scarred and worry torn.

         An outward surface the mirror of our inner strife.

                                 And only He will know below ...

                 the soul that will forever retain its youth –

         For this below is our true self –

         Our soul, our spirit, our bond with Him

                   the only part of us ‘as one’ that will remain

               when our life on earth is done.

          The ravages of tide and time, will mar the beauty

                    of these pebbles on the sand.

              Until, eventually their time is gone.

                       They’ll be smashed and disappear for ever.

                        And when they’ve gone the chapter ends.

                               There is no further goal to reach,

                        As minute particles of sand, they’ll finish

                         forgotten now.....  grains upon a beach.

            No so for us!

                        For no matter how battered, broken the outer body

       may be.

                 The spirit – soul of each of us will remain FOREVER ‘free’

                       O Father God I pray you’ll give us the strength to fight the

                        troubles of this earthly form.

                          Help us, Keep us ever attuned to You.

                          For it is within each of us by ‘Faith’ (in what you did as

                 Saviour on the Cross).

                         That we will find the strength and courage.

                          To see this lifetime here on Earth. safely through

                          And unlike those beautiful pebbles lying on the sand,

                          There will be no end to the individual ‘oneness’ that lies

                      beneath our outer body form.

                    It will remain unique through all eternity,

                             Beside and with Him, Forever youthful, Forever beautiful.

                             As on the day we were born.

                        Thank You Jesus for the gift of our salvation!